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Welcome to the website of Simon Schmidt.

This website should provide you with some professional information about my specification in the field of geosciences.

I would like to give you an insight into my curriculum vitae, career, research and publications.

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Simon Schmidt


Peer-reviewed paper 12/2016

New peer-reviewed paper in Land Degradation & Development about wind erosion modelling (SoLoWind) in Saxony, Germany

Schmidt, S., Meusburger, K., de Figueiredo, T., and Alewell, C.: Modelling Hot Spots of Soil Loss by Wind Erosion (SoLoWind) in Western Saxony, Germany, Land Degradation & Development, doi:10.1002/ldr.2652, 2016.

Peer-reviewed paper 10/2016

New peer-reviewed paper in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences about the seasonality of the R-factor in Switzerland

Schmidt, S., Alewell, C., Panagos, P., and Meusburger, K.: Regionalization of monthly rainfall erosivity patterns in Switzerland, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 20, 4359-4373, doi:10.5194/hess-20-4359-2016, 2016.

Paper 12/2015

New paper in Straße & Autobahn about the risk of highways due to erosion by water in Saxony-Anhalt

Helbig, H., Schmidt, S., and Köthe, R.: Gefährdung von Autobahnen durch Wassererosion in Sachsen-Anhalt, Straße & Autobahn 12/2015, 851-860, 2015.

1. Prize for Master thesis 06/2015

My Master thesis was nominated for the prize of thesis 2014 of the geographical union of Leipzig and won the 1. Prize. The title of the thesis is: SCHMIDT, S. (2014): Entwicklung eines Winderosionsmodells zur potentiellen Gefährdungsabschätzung des Bodenabtrags auf landwirtschaftlichen Nutzflächen in Westsachsen; Master thesis; Leipzig.

Working at University of Basel 04/2015

Currently I'm working on my PhD at the University of Basel, Switzerland for a soil erosion modelling apporach in the alpine area. If you're interessted, you can find a description of my project here

New to ResearchGate 12/2014

I'm new to ResearchGate. I would be pleased if you like to follow me.

Working for GIZ in Georgia 11/2014

Since November 2014 I'm working for GIZ and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource Protection in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the field of Climate Change and Forestry.

New to XING 09/2014

Due to my job search I decided to create an account on XING. Please feel free to follow me there.

digital-geography.com 09/2014

Since a few months I'm part of the team of the digital-geography.com-blog. I'm blogging about GIS-topics like OpenStreetMap, Geodata and open Source Software in german and english.You can find my posts following the link.


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